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Block Model Delivery for School of Business

NEW Block Model Delivery for Business Programs at Phoenix Academy 2020!


The new decade sees the launch of our brand-new delivery for the Diploma of Business! At Phoenix Academy we are again leading the way in Western Australia as we head towards the new decade of 2020 by introducing the modem BLOCK MODEL delivery for our Diploma of Business (BSB50215), commencing January 20th , 2020.


Micro-credentialing, upskilling and flexible delivery options are hot topics of discussion in the business world currently, with this in mind, the traditional delivery and assessment methods are
being re-evaluated to accommodate new business practice by many Universities and Institutions across Australia.


At Phoenix we strive for innovative and modern-day delivery methods in all programs and we are proud to introduce the new ‘Block Model’ delivery that will assist students to focus on one Unit of Competency at one time – instead of juggling multiple subjects, units and assessments in one term. The revamped Diploma of Business delivery at Phoenix Academy will also include a brand new unit (COM503) – Entrepreneurship : which focuses on innovation, soft-skills and business start-ups, enabling students to work their way through practical projects that will enable them to be confident in the business environment!


As always, students may undertake our Diploma of Business in the adaptable ‘work ready stream’ or ‘University Pathway stream’ to ensure they undertake the best possible study plan to meet their
future study and career goals.


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