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A school visit from the Western Australian Police

Written by Judy Lomas.

All the High School and Young Learner students tumbled excitedly down to the Seminar Room, or should I say proceeded in an orderly fashion, for they were to experience the great thrill of being addressed by Sergeant Nathalie of the Perth Police on how to stay safe in the City of Perth.

Of course, the great question on everyone’s lips was, “Will she have a gun?” The Sergeant was impressively dressed in the iconic dark blue uniform of the force,
looking every inch the police officer on the beat. She showed us slides about:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Being a Victim
  • Safe Locations
  • Smart Decisions
  • Hazards

Our students learnt a great deal about what not to do and where not to go and took particular note of, ‘Safety in numbers!’ A lone young student in a dark alley late at night cannot possibly be a good idea. Don’t give money to beggars however insistent and don’t approach a group of older guys hanging in gangs. Last but not least, let someone know when you are going out and ring if you have any problems. Our lovely YL Mandy was quick to respond and ask questions and above is a photo of Eric looking the part!