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One to One – Business Communications

Hours per week: As per clients needs
Course Length: As per clients needs
Class Size: One to One
Requirements: None

Business Communications is a highly intensive group coaching program aimed at professional clients  needing to improve their level of English and become confident communicators in a global business context.

Course Content

Whilst “tailored” to the specific needs of the individual, the Business Communications course is structured to offer practice in key business contexts such as meetings, interviews, report writing and presentations. Additionally, the course provides an overview on how business is conducted in a global setting including modern management philosophy and workplace practices.

Content includes but is not limited to:

  • Social Discourse - speaking socially in business situations with an awareness of cross-culture, polite forms and register
  • The Effective Communicator - understanding the characteristics of a good communicator: active listening, body language, confidence, fluency, minimal L1 interference, global knowledge, persuasion and empathy
  • Giving/Following & Receiving Instructions – understanding the components of delivering effective oral and written instruction. Seeking feedback and clarification, checking for understanding
  • Using Technology to Communicate – communicating clearly using email, the telephone, Skype & video conferencing and other technologies such as social media, Ted Talks, podcasts, YouTube
  • Giving Effective Oral Presentations – planning & organising an industry specific presentation, communicating ideas with clarity & precision, using appropriate technology such as Prezi and eBoards, LMS,portals, engaging one’s audience and finally evaluation & reflection
  • Understanding & Writing Technical Reports – unpacking the components of a Technical Report, turning text into tables and tables into text, writing an abstract, summarising Improve your written skills and understand the basic concepts in writing a Technical Report
  • Effective Negotiation and Persuasion – exchanging Information, persuading and compromising and bargaining, closing the deal, the 180 perspective, achieving  “win win” scenarios
  • Industry Elective – specific attention is paid to the language & vocabulary specific to a client’s industry area or university major/discipline (eg. banking & finance, oil & gas, health services, humanities, social science, education), including industry specific site visits university visits and networking opportunities with similar level professionals and university academics.

Course Features

  • Individual Needs Analysis and on line language testing conducted prior to course commencement to ensure the course  is tailored to meet the individual’s goals
  • Detailed progress and end of course reports and certificates using the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR).
  • Highly trained Trainers with industry and global communication experience
  • State of the art learning environment with all training rooms fitted with eboard technology and executive surrounds
  • Complimentary tea and coffee available
  • Complimentary WiFi on campus 24x7
  • Access to Phoenix Online learning portal during and post course
  • Choice of Homestay or on campus hostel accommodation
  • Personalised Airport Greeting & Departure Service.
  • Optional Sport & Recreation add-ons (e.g. Golf, Ocean or River Sailing, Outback Tours to experience the Indigenous Culture of Australia, sand-boarding at the Pinnacles, Swan River Valley Wine Tours, Nature Tours)
  • Networking opportunities through the Western Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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