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Phoenix Alumni Profiles: Endah from Indonesia

Name: Endah | Indonesia
Graduated: Academic English Program (AEP)

What are you studying now and why?
I am currently studying at Curtin Business and Law School and now conducting a PhD-research in Human Resources Development. I hope that by studying abroad, not only will I receive more extensive knowledge, but also build a stronger international network. By studying in this field, one of the aims is that I can contribute to solve the real Human Resource Development challenges in my country with the combination of local-international perspectives.

How did the Phoenix Academy English Program prepare you for your studies?
The Phoenix Academy English Program gave me a wonderful experience during my preparation studies. Phoenix Academy designed a comprehensive English curriculum delivered not just in all seriousness, but also catchy and fun. The helpful and friendly teacher has made me more confident to join in postgraduate university life.

Why did you choose to come to Perth?
Personally, I chose Perth as the place to pursue my studies for two reasons, Perth provides a closer distance from my country and better studying atmosphere than other states in Australia. It only takes 3-4 hours flight from Perth to Indonesia. In addition, a lot of cheap flights from Perth to Indonesia. So, studying abroad does not become barrier for me to visit my relatives once in a year to refresh my mind. Furthermore, balancing life and study is easier in Perth. Perth provides not only a good selection of libraries in each university, but also so many public libraries. So, assignments can be done anywhere.

What advice would you give Phoenix Academic English students?
Don’t worry about your English achievement today and be confident. Through never ending learning, practice, actively asking and not hesitating to talk with people around you, your effort will reduce your English barrier and help you to advance in your English studies.