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Q & A with Diploma of Business Teacher – Alex Thorpe

What is your background? What do you teach?
I originally studied journalism and mass communications and then worked as an advertising copywriter. This experience helps me in my current role as a trainer with the Phoenix Business school, where most of my classes are related to communications and research skills.
What does a typical day in your class look like?
There are no typical days – students could be heading to the library on a research assignment, creating databases in the computer lab or conducting a debate in the classroom. Whatever the task, I always try to focus on developing critical thinking and analytical skills, making sure that students are well-prepared for work and further study.
What’s the best thing about teaching at Phoenix?
I like the small class sizes, which allow me to work closely with students and give them practical help. There is a strong support network here, and all the trainers and administrative staff work together to make sure students receive all the assistance they need.