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Teacher Training in Hangzhou, China.

Phoenix Academy’s Institute for Teaching Excellence (ITE) Trainers Sandra Houghton and Lindsay Kropp recently celebrated the graduation of 40 primary and secondary English teachers who participated in a Phoenix developed International Teaching Certificate for English Teachers Course in Hangzhou, China. This project was supported by the Xiacheng Education Bureau. The course, which commenced in November 2018 and concluded in April 2019 was a blend of face-to-face delivery, online observations through webinar, tasks and assignments, and assessed teaching practice. The ITE trainers observed the Chinese teachers in action in their schools, visiting a total of 40 teachers in their classrooms in Hangzhou, and assessed comprehensive portfolios including lesson plans, observation tasks and a resource compendium. The graduation ceremony was led by the Directors from the Xiacheng Education Bureau. Sandra and Lindsay remained in Hangzhou after the conclusion of the course and conducted a short course on the Student- Centred Classroom for primary and secondary teachers in collaboration with the Hangzhou Gurui Culture and Art Co. The course consisted of four active workshops, demonstration lessons and a reflection session and was very well received by the teachers who have had limited opportunities previously for intensive, workshop style professional development.